N-Scale Train Layout photo's
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THE BUM's GONE LOCO... chugga chugga choo, Whoooo Hoooo
Heres a few pictures taken just before Shootist and I moved the set from my Pops attic to my house.

Heres my pop at the controls of his master piece.

Controling 14 trains at your finger tips WOW

The passenger line.

Coal mine in the back ground.

Heres a warehouse all made from cardboard, even the truck is cardboard. The man standing in front of the building is about a quarter inch tall.

Tree's and gravel are all part of the detail.

The small Town of Bumsville is hopping with traffic and people, even someone walking a dog across the street. These buildings are all cardboard toooooo. pops made good use of my scrap paper from my printing business.

The main engine yard to park 7 of the 14 trains. Check out the reflection in the water. Also look at the small dump truck and box trucks, ya buddy , they are cardboard tooo!.

Ya there's even a church, barber shop and hotel.

More detailed pictures on photo page 2 at the top